Privacy Policy

In this section, you will read about the policies that keep your data and other sensitive details safe. Reading it carefully will help you to understand all the points in your mind. 

  1. Personal Data and Information 

1.1 All the sensitive data is recorded to complete tasks efficiently. However, this sort of information is not kept with us for long. The moment project is marked “done”, information that we had stored is deleted. 

1.2 Personal data is stored (which may include the time or/and date when you viewed content, list of products purchased from our website, etc.) to help us retarget the audience. In such cases, we take consent through email. Also, you are given the liberty to stop getting such alerts (also known as notifications).

1.3 Nonetheless, whatever information we gather does not include personal identification. 

1.4 It is a must to know that Digital Vikings never shares your information with anyone else. 

1.5 Your information on blogs’ comments will be set public and other audiences can read without any issue. 

1.6 In case you remove comments on our public blogs of ours, they will still remain with those who have copied them. And it will be there on the cached or archived pages of our blogs. 

1.7 Since we use a third-party CMS (content management system) you might have to register before posting a comment. 

1.8 Digital Vikings does not control or access comments or any other information from the comment section of our blog.

1.9 All the information mentioned in the form at the time of hiring our services, will be used by the professionals for two reasons. First, to communicate. Second, to send promotions and related information. 

  1. Cookies

2.1 Digital Vikings places advertising cookies in your IP address so that it makes us sure about your preferences.

2.2 Based on your preferences, we target and retarget ads on other websites.

2.3 We never use your email address, name, postal address, or contact number to retarget ads.

2.4 If you don’t want to be part of targeted and retargeted ads, simply opt-out.

  1. Security

3.1 Your information is saved on a secure server. The server is of high level and keeps credit card and similar details safe.


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Get a Free Consultation and Estimate.