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Who we are? Digital Vikings holds the sanctity which upholds true essence of branding, marketing, and advertising in the most holistic manner. It is indeed only possible with strong vibes, energies, and aura among team members and clients.

Story of

Digital Vikings

Digital Vikings didn’t just happen because it had to happen one day. For me, it is a treat to see businesses and brands reaching new avenues of success – the one where anyone can feel and see the ripple effect of social media marketing.

Back in the days when social media was merely an application or a platform, People used to make use of it to get entertained. With time, when social media marketing became a thing for all, almost everyone started their agency or company.

For me, it was never the case. I started my journey of exploration and experimenting with marketing avenues on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I tried to find ways to bring leads for people who had faith in my abilities to provide high-end quality services.

Since the first paid tasks on Facebook, I have been receiving projects. However, I vividly remember my client yelling out of excitement and saying, “____ I am super proud of the sales and leads this month. You did what we discussed. Let’s sign a contract and get sales to roll in with a lot of juices”. I remember the words and know how exactly I felt.

Days went by and changed into weeks, months, and years. I was still not sure what was happening around me. There was smoothness and serenity in the lives of my clients. One day I was trying on an old shirt when a thought passed my mind.

____, why don’t you start this agency where you will provide social media marketing services along with a couple of added services. That day I only thought how cool it would be to start an agency – my passion for seeing businesses and brands making a fortune.

That day, I could not sleep, and everything started making sense the next day. Without wasting more time, I called my friend. We discussed the plan and started working on the agency.

Today in 2023, this agency, Digital Vikings with a powerhouse team, works in clients’ favor. We at Digital Vikings provide social media marketing, website development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

This agency means the world to me because I had to face the worst scenarios. But now, as of today, I am excited to share the road to heaven for your branding.

I wish to help everyone, irrespective of the form and type of social media presence.

Thank you for supporting Digital Vikings.

Founder and Owner of Digital Vikings

Digital Vikings Display Professionalism through Transparency, Holistic Approach, and Realistic

Expectations to Maintain Synergy within the Team.

Our Core Digital Channels

Bespoke packages made for you.

Social Media Management

With the help of our most experienced and veteran social media managers, your social media starts to get excellent results. Yes, your social accounts get better positioning so that they can make a loud impact on your business or brand.

Search Engine Optimization

It is essential to have a website to display business, brand, store, or whatever you see. SEO services allow works best for reaching more targeted and retargeted clients. Get our SEO services to stand out among the crowd.

Website Development Services

With a website, it is easier to reach the masses. If you want to double the sales and revenue, authority and user-friendly websites are necessary. Websites are an accurate representation of what you sell – something you can’t ignore at all

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising helps you in promoting business to a receptive audience. Produce, buy, and operate Facebook advertising services to strengthen the network, increase brand awareness, and get maximum leads.

Instagram Advertising

Hiring Digital Vikings for the best Instagram advertising services will lead you towards maximum reach, accessibility to a targeted audience, finding leads and potential clients, etc. Find out more about how you can excel in business.


We also offer Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media advertising services; not just that, we take YouTube SEO and its management as well.

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Get a Free Consultation and Estimate.